Hi, there!

I am interested in understanding how artificial intelligence explores what we see in the world. Thus, I am working in the fields of Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Computer Graphics and Robotics, in particular the areas of 3D Reconstruction, 3D Scene Understanding, VR/AR and so on. Currently, I am solving a number of 3D reconstruction and outdoor scene semantic understanding problems by using deep learning neural network.

Furthermore, I was an engineer worked at a few of top IT companies several years. Consequently I accumulated a various of experience in Data Analysis, Software Architecture, Algorithm Design, Optimization and so on. In 2013, I recognized that merely engineering would not satisfy our ambition to discover the leading technology so that I found the Easybot Team with Jingfeng Yang, Jianhan MEI, Qingyun He and Qingwei Liu for developing and researching advanced techniques.


Jingfeng Yang (SIAT), Qingyun He (SIAT), Qingwei Liu (SIAT), Zhe Wang (UCI), Sheng Guo (SIAT), Jianhan Mei (NTU)